PowerOak S13 – 13000mAh 1A 2,1A


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    You can safely entrust an empty smartphone to the PowerOak S16 Power Bank. Due to the capacity of 13,000 mAh, you can recharge your smartphone up to 2 times. Do you have 2 blank smartphones? No problem, the emergency charger has 2 USB ports. With the special 2.1 A port, your phone is fully charged again. The LED lights tell you how much power you have left.
    Keep your smartphones and tablets charged for days on end without ever having to
    do not have to look for an outlet!

    Whether you are at work, in the park or on an adventure in the mountains, it is
    really rotten when your smartphone or tablet runs out and you're without it
    connection with your friends and family. But thanks to the powerful
    PowerOak® portable external battery charger, you can stay on the go and you
    keep devices fully charged for days on end without ever going to one
    outlet to have to look.

    Portable, compact and lightweight, the PowerOak® S13 13000mAh portable
    battery charger is universally compatible with all your favorite
    smartphones, tablets and mobile devices.

    The PowerOak® S13 portable external battery charger has this
    great features:
    One of the most beautiful and robust power banks available
    Fits in the palm of your hand
    Universal compatibility with iPhone, Samsung, tablets and more
    Lightweight and durable
    Real 13,000 mAh
    Charges ultra-fast
    2 USB charging ports 1A & 2.1A

    Our Pledge

    PowerOak K2 50.000mAh laptop power bank

    With PowerOak K2 you have energy anytime anywhere. Powers almost all laptops, except MacBook and USB-C laptop
    PowerOak K2

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