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Solar panel extension cable 5m (Ölflex Solar XLS-R Twin 2x 4mm²)


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    Product information: Solar panel extension cable 5m (Ölflex Solar XLS-R Twin 2x 4mm²)

    The 5m long solar extension cable is suitable for connecting the solar module to the solar charge controller. Pre-assembled on both sides with C4 connector and C4 connector.

    The solar cable is suitable for use in photovoltaic systems inside and outside of buildings.

    Properties of the MC4 solar cable:

    • Cross section 2x 4mm²
    • Outside diameter 5.2mm
    • 900 VDC / 600 VAC
    • CU / fine-stranded / tinned
    • double insulated
    • Radiation cross-linked twin cables
    • Inner insulation black / red
    • UV-resistant
    • Ozone resistant

    Radiation-linked twin solar cables (cores connected in parallel with a separator) for long-term use in photovoltaic systems can be easily separated into two separate cables. The outer diameter of the individual strands is adapted to the cable glands. In this way, a watertight device bushing or modular socket installation can always be ensured. The tinned copper conductors also guarantee a corrosion-resistant electrical installation and thus ensure a long-lasting and reliable connection. Resistant to mechanical stress.

    UV and weather resistant. Double insulated 1000 VAC 1500 VDC. Fixed installation: –40 °C to +100 °C max. Conductor temperature

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